Educational Dimension, Educational Technology Quarterly, and CTE Workshop Proceedings are indexed by EBSCO

We are thrilled to announce that three prestigious journals, "Educational Dimension," "Educational Technology Quarterly," and "CTE Workshop Proceedings," have achieved a significant milestone in their academic journey. We are proud to inform you that these journals are now indexed by EBSCO!

πŸ“– Here's a brief overview of each journal:

πŸ” Educational Dimension: A Diamond Open Access peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the exploration of various dimensions of education, learning, and training. It delves into the realms of learning theories, technologies, paradigms, and models, addressing modern pedagogical science's current and future challenges, including psychological, philosophical, and socio-cultural aspects of education.

🌐 Educational Technology Quarterly: Another Diamond Open Access peer-reviewed journal with a primary focus on the integration of digital technology in education. ETQ welcomes research papers and systematic reviews that explore the pedagogical applications of digital technology, making it accessible and valuable to a broad education community.

πŸš€ CTE Workshop Proceedings: A journal that also spotlights the potential of digital technology in education. It embraces a wide range of topics, from adaptive learning platforms to immersive technologies like VR/AR and educational data mining. CTE Workshop Proceedings serves as a valuable resource for educators and researchers interested in the latest trends and developments in digital-enhanced learning.

All three journals are published by the esteemed Academy of Cognitive and Natural Sciences, ensuring the highest quality of research and scholarship.

The inclusion of these journals in EBSCO's index is a testament to their academic excellence and commitment to advancing education through research and innovation. This achievement opens up new avenues for researchers, scholars, and educators to access and engage with cutting-edge research in the field of education.

We invite you to explore the rich and diverse content offered by these journals and stay tuned for the latest research, insights, and developments in the ever-evolving landscape of education and technology.

Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to sharing more groundbreaking research with you in the future! 🌟

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