About the Journal

Aims and Scope

CTE Workshop Proceedings is a Diamond Open Access peer-reviewed journal published annually by the Academy of Cognitive and Natural Sciences. CTE Workshop Proceedings depict the latest achievements in educational technology research - revealing emerging trends and new ideas before they appear in journals. CTE Workshop Proceedings offer broad coverage of new ideas, methodologies, and projects in fast-moving areas of research on the pedagogical uses of digital technology where the focus is broad enough to be of interest to a wider education community: adaptive learning platforms, blended learning, cloud-based AI education applications, cloud-based e-learning platforms, tools and services, cloud-based learning environments, competency-based education platforms, design and implementation of immersive learning environments, digital transformation of education, educational data mining, emotion AI, immersive technologies, mobile learning, VR/AR gamification etc.

CTE Workshop Proceedings provide educational technologists and other education professionals with a forum to share their ideas and innovations that can aid decision-making in professional practice.

Publication Frequency

Annually (March).

Journal History

The journal was founded in 2012 to advance research and disseminate knowledge in cloud technologies in education. Over the years, the journal has undergone significant developments in its paper selection process, reflecting the evolving landscape of scholarly publishing.

From 2012 to 2022, the paper selection process for the journal involved collaboration between the Program Committee of the International Conference on Cloud and Immersive Technologies in Education and the Editorial Board. The Program Committee, composed of experts and scholars in the field, played a crucial role in reviewing and selecting papers that demonstrated exceptional quality and relevance to the journal's scope. These selected papers were then recommended to the Editorial Board for final approval and inclusion in the journal.

This collaborative approach ensured a rigorous and comprehensive evaluation of submitted manuscripts, leveraging the expertise of the Program Committee and the Editorial Board. It allowed for a diverse range of perspectives and expertise to be considered during the paper selection process, enhancing the quality and relevance of the published content.

In recognition of the journal's quality, in December 2022, the journal was included in Ukraine's Registry of Scientific Editions.

However, starting in 2023, the journal transitioned to a revised paper selection process. As part of this change, the responsibility for paper selection now rests solely with the Editorial Board. The Editorial Board, composed of renowned researchers and experts in the field, assumes the critical task of evaluating submitted manuscripts and making final decisions on paper acceptance.

This shift to an Editorial Board-led paper selection process brings several benefits to the journal. It streamlines the decision-making process, enabling quicker turnaround times for authors while maintaining the same rigorous standards of quality and relevance. It also allows the Editorial Board to have direct control over the strategic direction and content of the journal, ensuring a cohesive and focused publication.

The change in the paper selection process reflects the journal's commitment to continuous improvement and adapting to the evolving needs of the scholarly publishing landscape. By entrusting the Editorial Board with the responsibility of paper selection, the journal ensures that decisions are made by experts who possess in-depth knowledge and understanding of the field, thereby upholding the journal's reputation for excellence in research publication.

Abstracting and indexing

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