Cloud technologies in architectural education




cloud technologies, architectural education


Informatization of architectural design, in particular the increasing use of specialized CAD and software for static and dynamic visualization of architectural and design projects by architects in their activities requires adequate comprehensive modernization of all components of the methodological system for training future architects at university, which in turn determines the introduction of appropriate changes to the paradigm of higher architectural education.
The implementation of modern Information Technologies for Architectural Design into the training process of future architects in university has actualized a number of problematic issues among which the most difficult ones are the necessity of modern computers and software, the need for continuous technical service of hardware, network and software, the appropriate level of professional competence of the teaching staff. These problematic issues require considerable financial resources and are mainly related to the use of traditional methods of teaching higher-education disciplines in the teaching process. At the same time, modern ICTs make it possible to abandon established methodologies to a certain extent and reduce the cost of the software and hardware support for the teaching process. Pedagogical innovation is based on the latest "cloud computing" technology and makes it possible to successfully overcome the above-mentioned difficulties in engaging students in mastering modern network technologies.


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