Ways of processing requests and characteristics of mobile access to Wolfram|Alpha





Wolfram|Alpha, mobile access, queries, algorithms, presentation format


This paper examines the ways of different types inquiries to Wolfram|Alpha, in particular, the possibility of natural language queries. The characteristic of mobile access to Wolfram|Alpha are highlighted. The data representation format was considered to visual representations, images, HTML, Mathematica Cell, text view, plain text, MathML, Mathematica input, Mathematica output, audio presentation, special types of Wolfram|Alpha output.
The paper aim is the analysis and synthesis of capabilities for requests to Wolfram|Alpha in many ways and opportunities to provide characteristics of mobile access to Wolfram|Alpha.
The subject of the study is Wolfram|Alpha as cloud-based service of mathematics learning.
In preparing the paper material used case studies and experimental research presentation capabilities of different types of requests to Wolfram|Alpha.
Conclusion: Wolfram|Alpha work is based on natural language processing (currently only English), a large library of algorithms and NKS-approach to answering queries. Wolfram|Alpha does not issue a list of links based on query results, and calculates the answer based on their own knowledge base. Service is able to convert data between different measurement units, counting systems, etc.


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Cloud technologies for mathematics learning

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Received 2013-11-01
Accepted 2013-12-20
Published 2014-03-20

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