The use of cloud computing technology in professional training of future programmers




future programmers, cloud technologies, content of professional disciplines


The article provides a brief analysis of the current state of the study of cloud technologies by future software engineers at foreign and Ukrainian universities. The author experience in the application of cloud technologies in the training of future software engineers in Ukraine is presented. The application of cloud business automation systems, online services to monitor the implementation of the software projects, Google services for collaboration, planning and productivity while studying professional disciplines and carrying out diploma projects is described. Based on the survey conducted at Stackoverflow, the state of application of cloud technologies by software engineers around the world has been analyzed. The cloud technologies that are not studied at the analyzed universities of Ukraine and those that are not popular with software developers in the world, but studied at Ukrainian universities by future software engineers are outlined. Conclusions are made on the modernization of training programs for future software engineers. Topics for the study of cloud technologies by future software engineers in the content of professional disciplines are proposed.


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