The ability to use cloud technologies teacher in an elementary school


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cloud technology, primary school teachers, the educational process


The purpose is to define the relevance of the use of cloud technologies for working with junior pupils. Objectives: consider the cloud services and determine the prospects for using cloud technologies in educational process. Object: use of cloud technologies in professional work of elementary school teachers. Subject: possibility of using of cloud technologies in the work of elementary school teachers. Methods: descriptive (sources analysis, study of government documents). Conclusions: use of cloud technologies in education helps to improve the process preparation of junior pupils today. Presence of electronic textbooks and other training of materials in combination with cloud technology enables the junior pupils replenish knowledge anytime with access to remote educational resources. In particular, it provides further education opportunities for children with special needs. Cloud technologies allow you to create virtual classrooms and implement on-line event: extracurricular lessons, laboratory work, thematic evenings, and educational measures.


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