Cloud technology in science research




connectivism, content curator, distance learning course


The increase the flow of information on the Internet requires scientist constantly filter, classify and analyze selected information. The success of this work depends on the capabilities of the personal environment (Cloud Technology) and personal area networking (network connection) scientist. This means that the researcher must be able to study in connective distance courses and create them have the skills to handle large flows of information (be content curator). The aim – to determine the conditions of effective researcher with large flows of information using cloud technology. Research objectives – to develop methods for streaming media and network formation of effective personal professional network. Object of study – distance learning courses. Purpose of the study – distance learning process. Methods used connective and constructivist approaches to distance learning course in open distance learning courses. In a study conducted 4 connective open distance learning courses that showed problems in the use of cloud technology. To solve these problems developed and conducted open distance learning course “Content curator” and prepared more than 200 researchers and librarians to handle large flows of information. Using skills content curator in connective distance courses increases research on modern society.


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Cloud technologies of open education

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