Virtual conferences for professional training and retraining




learning management system, e-learning 2.0, visual conference or webinars, rapid e-learning, measuring the effectiveness of educational technology


The aim of the study is to optimize the structure of training to ensure the formation of professional skills. The task is the definition of e-learning tools that should be used to ensure the effectiveness of professional training and retraining. The object of the study are especially implementation of competence-based approach in higher education, the subject of study – the use of LMS tools during trainings and business games for the masters of economics. The study is experimental and was conducted in the disciplines which form a cycle of continuous mathematical training. Virtual learning environments, which are used in the educational process are Moodle and Google Classroom. It was shown the effectiveness of visual conference for the formation of professional skills not only students full-time study, but also for professionals undergoing training or retraining. Further research in this area should be associated with the development of the system of assessment of independent work of the student and his work during a visual conference.


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