The selection of cloud services for ER-diagrams construction in IT specialists databases teaching




selection, cloud services, ER-diagrams, databases, future specialists in information technology, future IT specialists


One of the main aspects of studying databases in higher education institutions by future IT specialists is database design and software product development. This, in turn, is the most important problem of the developer’s interaction with the customer. To facilitate the process of database design, ER-diagrams are used, which are based on the concepts of “Entity” and “Relationship”. An ER diagram allows you to present a database in the form of visual graphical objects that define a specific subject area. The article considers the available cloud services for the construction of ER-diagrams for learning databases of future IT specialists and their selection the method expert evaluation. For this purpose, the criteria and indicators for the selection of cloud services for the construction of ER-diagrams of databases by future information technology specialists have been determined. As a result, it was found that the cloud services and Lucidchart are the most convenient to learn. It is determined that for a teacher of a higher education institution the use of cloud services is an opportunity to use licensed software in education without additional costs.


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Vakaliuk, T.A., Korotun, O.V. and Semerikov, S.O., 2021. The selection of cloud services for ER-diagrams construction in IT specialists databases teaching. CTE Workshop Proceedings [Online], 8, pp.384–397. Available from: [Accessed 14 June 2024].
Received 2020-10-10
Accepted 2020-12-18
Published 2021-03-19

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