Cloud services as an effective visualization tool




cloud services, technology, visualization, optimization of the educational process, information studies


The paper studied the "cloud" technologies as the current vector in the imaging and the most important aspect in the preparation of modern skilled workers. The study is theoretical justification of cloud services as a tool for creating an effective visualization of educational material. The objective of the study is to analyze the main tools for creating high-quality visualizations based cloud services, which use allows to intensify the learning process, increases the effectiveness of training time and costs shows higher learning outcomes. Object is a learning process in secondary school; the subject of theoretical research is the application of imaging technology in the learning process. The study uses general scientific methods of research, study and analysis of psycho-pedagogical, special and methodological literature of examining the problems of generalization of domestic and foreign pedagogical experience. The result of the study is to highlight the usefulness of didactic "cloud" services for information visualization in the educational system schools. A promising area of future research is the study of theoretical and methodological foundations of future teacher to the effective use of imaging technology in the learning process.


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Gazeykina A. I. Primenenie oblachnyih tehnologiy v protsesse obucheniya shkolnikov [Application of cloud technologies in the process of teaching students] / A. I. Gazeykina, A. S. Kuvina // Pedagogicheskoe obrazovanie v Rossii. – 2012. – No. 6. – 59 s. (In Russian)

Romanova V. A. Instrumentalnaya sreda dlya vizualizatsii informatsii na osnove oblachnyih tehnologiy [Instrumental environment for visualization of information based on cloud technologies] [Electronic resource]. – Access mode : (In Russian)

Golubeva E. A. Ispolzovanie oblachnyih servisov v rabote shkolnogo uchitelya [Using cloud services in the work of a school teacher] [Electronic resource]. – Access mode : (In Russian)





Cloud-based Learning Environments

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Received 2016-02-16
Accepted 2016-04-26
Published 2017-03-21

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