Methodical aspects of preparation of educational content on the basis of distance education platforms




educational content, electronic textbook, distance education, distance education platform, mobile learning, Moodle


The urgency of application of technologies and means of distance learning in educational process of higher educational institutions is designated. The growing frequency of using cloud services and electronic textbooks in mobile and distance learning is noted. The importance of building educational environment is highlighted, where the key element is e-learning resources in digital form, including structure, subject content and metadata about the course. For higher educational institutions, the need for methodical support for the preparation of educational content on the basis of distance education platforms is determined. The experience of using the free distance education platform Moodle within the framework of the higher educational institution Donbass State Engineering Academy is considered. Methodical aspects of training content preparation on the basis of distance education platforms on the example of MoodleDDMA system are given. The General structure of the distance course and an example of evaluation of test tasks of the distance course (module) on topics are considered. An example of the presentation of the course on the basis of distance education platform MoodleDDMA is given. Conclusions about the experience of using the Moodle distance education system at the Donbass State Engineering Academy from the point of view of teachers and students are drawn. The perspective directions of researches and development of the Moodle distance education platform in completion and expansion of educational materials by multimedia elements and links, and also creation of the application for mobile devices for possibility of more effective use of the platform are allocated.


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Digital transformation of learning

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Published 2020-03-20

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