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The 6th volume of the CTE Workshop Proceedings contains articles about the most interesting practices and ideas on the use of cloud technologies in education, carefully selected, reviewed and recommended by members of the international editorial board of the similarly-named workshop (CTE 2016), which was held in a hybrid format on April 22, 2016 in Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine.


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Andriievska, V.M.: Theoretical-methodological foundation of technology advanced elementary mathematics education. CTE Workshop Proceedings 4, 201–205 (Mar 2017), DOI:

Bilousova, L.I., Zhytienova, N.V.: Cloud services as an effective visualization tool. CTE Workshop Proceedings 4, 25–30 (Mar 2017), DOI:

Damniskaya, A.V.: Cloud based platforms, tools and services. CTE Workshop Proceedings 4, 12–24 (Mar 2017), DOI:

Dekhtiarova, Y.O.: Interactive tool SMART kapp in modern education. CTE Workshop Proceedings 4, 100–103 (Mar 2017), DOI:

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Filonenko, M.M., Podkovko, K.V.: E-portfolio in postgraduate education system of teachers of higher medical (pharmaceutical) educational institutions: psychological and pedagogical aspect. CTE Workshop Proceedings 4, 31–35 (Mar 2017), DOI:

Franchuk, N.P.: Modern educational environment. CTE Workshop Proceedings 4, 7–11 (Mar 2017), DOI:

Grisun, L.E., Sherstyuk, D.G.: Computer models for interdisciplinary links support in high school. CTE Workshop Proceedings 4, 135–139 (Mar 2017), DOI:

Hranovska, T.I., Laptyeva, M.V.: Mobile technologies as a tools to support learning at the school course of inorganic chemistry. CTE Workshop Proceedings 4, 82–92 (Mar 2017), DOI:

Hrytsuk, Y.V., Hrytsuk, O.V.: Organization of testing students with Office 365. CTE Workshop Proceedings 4, 41–45 (Mar 2017), DOI:

Kademiya, M.Y., Kobysia, V.M.: Implementation SMART-learning tools of modern network technologies. CTE Workshop Proceedings 4, 36–40 (Mar 2017), DOI:

Karpova, O.O.: Peculiarities of implementation of mobile learning of foreign languages at the economic university. CTE Workshop Proceedings 4, 93–99 (Mar 2017), DOI:

Khomutenko, M.V.: Educational physical experiment as a research tool in the cloud-oriented learning environment. CTE Workshop Proceedings 4, 211–222 (Mar 2017), DOI:

Kiyanovska, N.M.: Free and open source cloud technology based on the type Software as a Service. CTE Workshop Proceedings 4, 52–58 (Mar 2017), DOI:

Kobysia, A.P.: The use cloud technology of the design work of students. CTE Workshop Proceedings 4, 46–51 (Mar 2017), DOI:

Kolgatina, L.S., Ponomareva, N.S.: The specificity of students’ independent work in the disciplines of natural-mathematical cycle in terms of blended learning. CTE Workshop Proceedings 4, 140–151 (Mar 2017), DOI:

Kramarenko, T.G.: Training of teacher to school students collaborate with educational resources of cloud based projects. CTE Workshop Proceedings 4, 206–210 (Mar 2017), DOI:

Kucheriavyi, A.O.: Technological bases of projecting distance learning courses. CTE Workshop Proceedings 4, 104–108 (Mar 2017), DOI:

Lapuzina, O.M., Lisachuk, L.M.: Creation of distance courses in natural sciences for international students of preparatory phase of training in Ukrainian, Russian, English languages. CTE Workshop Proceedings 4, 109–113 (Mar 2017), DOI:

Leshko, K.V., Rykova, L.L.: Augmented reality as a tool in creative development of future education professionals. CTE Workshop Proceedings 4, 76–81 (Mar 2017), DOI:

Nazar, M.M.: Components of efficient distance learning course. CTE Workshop Proceedings 4, 114–128 (Mar 2017), DOI:

Nazar, M.M., Meshcheriakov, D.S.: On the issue of developing and applying the model of the participant of Internet training. CTE Workshop Proceedings 4, 129–134 (Mar 2017), DOI:

Ostapenko, L.P., Solovyova, O.K.: Massive open online courses in the system of training of future teachers including practice of Media education. CTE Workshop Proceedings 4, 71–75 (Mar 2017), DOI:

Ponomarova, N.O.: Actual problems of professional orientation of pupils on IT-specialty. CTE Workshop Proceedings 4, 163–167 (Mar 2017), DOI:

Popel, M.V., Bobyliev, D.Y.: Differentiation of student learning to complex analysis using CoCalc. CTE Workshop Proceedings 4, 192–200 (Mar 2017), DOI:

Popel, M.V., Semerikov, S.O., Shokalyuk, S.V.: Use of environment CoCalc and commercial systems and computer mathematics. CTE Workshop Proceedings 4, 152–158 (Mar 2017), DOI:

Potapova, O.M.: The use of cloud-based computing in the research activities of future engineers while learning higher mathematics. CTE Workshop Proceedings 4, 187–191 (Mar 2017), DOI:

Rassovytska, M.V., Striuk, A.M.: Using a cloud-based CAD systems into professional and practical training of future mechanical engineers. CTE Workshop Proceedings 4, 168–174 (Mar 2017), DOI:

Semerikov, S.O., Striuk, A.M.: CTE - Workshop on Cloud Technologies in Education. CTE Workshop Proceedings 1, 1–2 (Mar 2013), DOI:

Semerikov, S.O., Striuk, A.M., Teplytskyi, I.O.: CTE 2013: 2nd Workshop on Cloud Technologies in Education. CTE Workshop Proceedings 2, 1–8 (Mar 2014), DOI:

Semerikov, S.O., Striuk, A.M., Teplytskyi, I.O.: 3rd Workshop on Cloud Technologies in Education. CTE Workshop Proceedings 3, 1–8 (Mar 2015), DOI:

Sheina, M.M.: The use of SMART-boards the lessons in elementary school. CTE Workshop Proceedings 4, 175–178 (Mar 2017), DOI:

Shustakova, T.B.: Formation of cognitive independence of students using Google services. CTE Workshop Proceedings 4, 179–186 (Mar 2017), DOI:

Soroko, N.V.: The problem of designing a digital learning ecosystem for massive online courses (Estonian experience). CTE Workshop Proceedings 4, 64–70 (Mar 2017), DOI:

Vorozhbyt, A.V.: Creation of multimedia content of the cloud-based learning environment in Technical Lyceum. CTE Workshop Proceedings 4, 59–63 (Mar 2017), DOI:







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Accepted 2016-04-26
Published 2017-03-21

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