The management strategy in the educational institution during the crisis caused by COVID-19 pandemic




anti-crisis strategy, educational institution, COVID-19 pandemic impact, economic crisis


The research is devoted to the impact of the economic crisis caused by COVID-19 pandemic on educational institutions. This impact is highlighted as two side processes, which appears due to the impact of economic crises on education and, from the other side, due to the inability of education to satisfy the demands of information society, as well as to predict the consequences of such impacts on the socio-economic sphere of society. The negative effect on education is overviewed from the perspective of reducing funding and reducing the number of participants in the educational process. At the same time there is an internal crisis in the education sector, which is developed through reducing the quality of education and lack of necessary forms of education. The purpose of the research is to analyse the ability of education to overcome the destructive effects of economic crises and the ability to change according to the needs of information society. The development of an anti-crisis management strategy in the educational institution during the crisis caused by COVID-19 pandemic should target the most problematic components of the educational sphere: funding, number of participants and institutions, quality, and forms of education. That is why the strategy of anti-crisis management can be represented in three main components: virtualization, HR policy, branding. Thus, from scientific and theoretical perspectives the provided research can be a basis for transformation of education, which may be adapted to the need’s modern society. This strategy was successfully implemented during 2020-2021 years, and the results of which is represented in the research.


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Digital Transformation of Education

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