An IoT system based on open APIs and geolocation for human health data analysis




IoT, open API, smart gadget, smartphone, Meteorological Geographic Information System, cloud services, cloud computing, eHealth, human health, healthcare


Development of applications based on open API is becoming increasingly popular today. Innovative projects using these technologies provide new opportunities for real-time human health monitoring. Such opportunities are also implemented using Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud computing technologies. In the study, we developed an application based on open APIs using smart gadgets and meteorological geographic information system in the process of generating a message about the dangers to human health associated with: the presence of pollen in the air (grass pollen, birch pollen and olive pollen) indicating the level of its concentration in the air; problems with air quality, if the air quality indicator exceeds the permissible standards. The addition of such functions expands the possibilities to provide timely information about potential risks and threats and, accordingly, is an "anthropo-geo-sensor-digital" prerequisite for effective decision-making, prevailing. The implementation of this IoT system has significant methodological and technological potential that can be used to improve the efficiency of Healthcare, both in extreme conditions and in conditions of sustainable existence. First of all, this is relevant during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. The system we have developed can also be seen as one of the ways to innovate in Healthcare, in the educational process in institutions of higher education and in further scientific research on this topic. Further research in this area may be related to data processing in Healthcare systems based on machine learning, deep learning.


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Accepted 2022-12-22
Published 2023-03-21

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