Hardware and software tools for teaching the basics of quantum informatics to lyceums students





quantum calculations, quantum computer, quantum circuit, quantum algorithm, IBM Quantum Experience, Python, Jupyter Notebook


The article defines the criteria for choosing a cloud-oriented platform for mastering the basics of quantum informatics by students of a specialized (high) school: cross-browser; intuitive interface; the possibility of free (free) access; access without registration and simplified registration; the presence of a systematized reference system with examples; support for the development of the environment by the developer; support for working in a personal educational environment; support for working with quantum algorithms in graphical mode; automatic conversion of quantum algorithms from graphic format to program code text; support for the Ukrainian-language locale; availability of a mobile application; responsive design. The possibilities of platforms for implementing quantum algorithms from the following companies are analyzed: Microsoft, QuTech, Amazon Braket, IBM. The choice of the IBM Quantum Cloud-based platform is justified. Work at IBM Quantum Composer and IBM Quantum Lab is described. Information about quantum operations and Gates is presented: their designation in IBM Quantum Composer and IBM Quantum Lab; the gate Matrix; and the purpose of the gate. An example of implementing quantum teleportation in the form of a scheme and program is given.


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Lehka, L.V. and Shokaliuk, S.V., 2021. Hardware and software tools for teaching the basics of quantum informatics to lyceums students. Educational Dimension [Online], 4, pp.102–121. Available from: https://doi.org/10.31812/educdim.v56i4.4440 [Accessed 24 July 2024].
Received 2021-03-21
Accepted 2021-06-12
Published 2021-06-22

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