AI-assisted language education: critical review




artificial intelligence, language education, foreign language, foreign language education


This paper reviews the current research on AI-assisted language education (AILE). AI has greatly influenced education, especially language learning. AILE, an interdisciplinary field combining AI technology and language education theory, aims to improve foreign language learners’ experiences through personalized, interactive, and collaborative learning. This review classifies AILE research into four key domains: language-specific applications, comprehensive teaching modes, new educational ecosystems, and identification technology integration. It analyzes the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and challenges of AILE. The paper emphasizes the importance of ethical considerations and data quality in AILE endeavors. While acknowledging the achievements and potential of AILE, the review suggests future directions, promotes interdisciplinary collaboration, and highlights the need for empirical studies for an effective and ethical integration of AI in language education.


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Semerikov, S.O., Striuk, A.M. and Shalatska, H.M., 2021. AI-assisted language education: critical review. Educational Dimension [Online], 4, pp.1–7. Available from: [Accessed 14 April 2024].
Received 2021-03-21
Accepted 2021-06-05
Published 2021-06-22

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