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Educational Technology Quarterly (ETQ, Educ. Technol. Q) is a Diamond Open Access peer-reviewed journal focused on the ways in which digital technology can enhance education. ETQ welcomes research papers on the pedagogical uses of digital technology where the focus is broad enough to be of interest to a wider education community.

In addition to empirical work, we welcome systematic reviews and meta-analyses that include clear research questions, a framework of analysis, and conclusions that reflect the aims of the paper. ETQ also offers the opportunity to publish special issues or sections to reflect current interest and research in topical or developing areas.


Current Issue

Vol. 2024 No. 1 (2024)
  • Implementing media educational technology in Ukrainian preschool institutions

    Volodymyr M. Chaika, Iryna I. Kuzma, Oleksandra I. Yankovych, Kateryna M. Binytska, Oksana T. Pysarchuk, Tetiana V. Ivanova
  • Context-relevant strategies for ICT integration in teaching and learning science subjects in Tanzania secondary schools

    Abdallah Ngodu, Placidius M. Ndibalema, Francis William
  • Pedagogical approach of grade 7 teachers in teaching the learning competency of integers

    Cristina P. Acosta, Bernadette L. Soliba
  • Physics on autopilot: exploring the use of an AI assistant for independent problem-solving practice

    Andrii V. Riabko, Tetiana A. Vakaliuk
  • Technological literacy in using Learning Management System among students in higher education institutions Tanzania: the case of two selected universities

    Aines Rodrick Chasubuta, Placidius M. Ndibalema, Paul Loisulie
  • Learning styles of the Armed Forces of Ukraine personnel undergoing English language courses

    Roman V. Duzhyi, Tetiana M. Derkach
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