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The Journal of Edge Computing (JEC, J. Edge Comp.) is a Diamond Open Access peer-reviewed journal covering the science, theories, and practice of IoT and edge computing. JEC considers scientific research on the use and application of edge computing in various fields: education, science, medicine, architecture, etc. The journal also considers the publication of work on systematic reviews and meta-analyses, the structure of which meets the requirements of the journal.

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Vol. 1 No. 1 (2022)



Published: 21-11-2022

Non-contact photoplethysmographic sensors for monitoring students' cardiovascular system functional state in an IoT system

Tetiana M. Nikitchuk, Tetiana A. Vakaliuk, Oksana A. Chernysh, Oksana L. Korenivska, Liudmyla A. Martseva, Viacheslav V. Osadchyi


Dynamic routing protocols for wireless touch networks: a review

Anastasia D. Sverdlova, Artur O. Zaporozhets, Ihor V. Bohachev, Oleksandr O. Popov, Anna V. Iatsyshyn, Andrii V. Iatsyshyn, Valeriia O. Kovach, Volodymyr O. Artemchuk, Nataliia M. Hrushchynska


Analysis and protection of IoT systems: Edge computing and decentralized decision-making

Nadiia M. Lobanchykova, Ihor A. Pilkevych, Oleksandr Korchenko


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