Using interactive learning in future aviation professionals teaching English




ESP language course, interactive learning, motivation, aviation professionals, language proficiency


The article aims to find out whether interactive learning in ESP language course for future aviation professionals introduction can raise students’ level of motivation. This study was conducted during the 2019-2020 academic year at National Aviation University (Kyiv, Ukraine). Testings to determine students’ level of proficiency according to Language Proficiency Rating Scale ( ICAO, Level 4) were conducted in September and May of the same year of education. With the purpose to learn the motivational effect from interactive learning introduction students were asked to respond to the questionnaire based on Attitude/Motivation Test Battery simultaneously with language testing. The analyses of the data revealed the positive effect of the interactive learning introduction in future aviation professionals’ training course on the motivational level as well as language competence level. A greater impact on students’ instrumental motivation is observed, which can be explained by the use of professionally-oriented training materials, while students’ integrative motivation also has a positive effect. According to the results of the experiment, some other conclusions are made.


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Pershukova, O., Pazyura, N. and Vasiukovych, O., 2023. Using interactive learning in future aviation professionals teaching English. Educational Dimension [Online], 8, pp.41–54. Available from: [Accessed 23 May 2024].
Received 2022-10-25
Accepted 2023-03-21
Published 2023-04-26

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