Use of YouTube on lessons of practical course of German language as the first and second language at the pedagogical university




YouTube, video hosting, German language, foreign language competence


Integration of ICT significantly increases the possibilities of the educational process and extends the boundaries of the educational sphere as a whole. Publicly available resources, such as e-mail, blogs, forums, online applications, video hosting sites, can serve as the basis for building open learning and education. Informational educational technologies of learning foreign languages are in the focus of this study.
The article represents the results of theoretical analysis of content on the subject of its personal- and didactic-definite orientation, as well as some aspects of the practical use of commonly used YouTube video materials in the process of teaching German as the first or second foreign language in higher education, namely at the pedagogical university. Taking into account the practical experience of using the materials of several relevant thematic YouTube channels with a fairly wide constant audience, a concise didactic analysis of their product is presented and recommendations on converting video content into methodological material in the framework of practical course of German language by future teachers are offered.
Due to the suggested recommendations, the following tasks can be solved: enrichment of the vocabulary; semantization of phraseological units, constant figures of speech, cliché; development of pronunciation skills; expansion of linguistic competence; improving listening and speaking skills; increasing motivation to learn, etc.


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